Tooth pain becomes unbearable especially during the winters. The freezing temperature and cold air can affect your teeth and cause them to become extra sensitive. Listed below are some tips that will help you protect your teeth and reduce the risk associated with uncomfortable tooth pain.

Avoid Over Brushing: Brushing teeth too often wears away the enamel and also damages the surface of tooth. Instead, brush your teeth twice a day for 2-3 minutes.

Use a Different Toothpaste: Using a toothpaste with fluoride is specifically instructed for teeth sensitivity. Before buying a fluoridated toothpaste, check for ADA seal which assures that the product has been evaluated for safety.

Reduce the Amount of Acids and Sugar in Your Diet: Acids and sugar can damage the surface of your teeth and break down enamel that protects them. Teeth are frequently are under attacked by acids, however, the good news is that the damage can constantly be reversed.

Limiting your sugar intake is crucial if you want to give your mouth a chance to fix the damage.

Use a Fluoride Mouthwash: A fluoride rich mouthwash cleans away debris, rinse them and kills odor causing bacteria to help protect the sensitive enamel.

Taking Warm Beverages: Sipping warm beverages keeps the teeth from becoming too cold, especially if you are going to be outside for several hours.

Use a Clean Toothbrush: Keeping your toothbrush clean and replacing it every few months reduces the exposure to bacteria and eventually reduces chances of gingivitis or tooth decay.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly: Regular visit to your dentist for checkups and routine fluoride treatment will help to protect your teeth throughout the winter.

Use a Mouthguard: Wearing a Mouthguard when you are outside for longer time period prevents you from forcing your teeth together while you work and also keeps them away from clicking together.

Wear a Scarf: If you keep wearing a scarf, you will be able to keep your lower jaw and neck warm. This will help you cover your mouth if necessary.

Following these tips will help you prevent your teeth from dental problems during the winters. If you are still unable to identify your dental issues and tackle them at ease, schedule an appointment with us today. We strive to offer the best services and make your beautiful smile everlasting one.

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