When you think of having dentures, you imagine the most common ones, consisting of an acrylic-pink palette covering your natural gums. Although they are an appropriate option to go for, having a whole set of teeth without having proper sensation as your gums are covered doesn’t make you feel too good about it. Horseshoe or Implant-Retained dentures can help you have both a natural look and sense receptors, which you don’t get to experience with other dentures due to the palette. There are various complications associated with the traditional dentures that make the horseshoe dentures even more desirable.

You might still have false teeth with horseshoe dentures, but you will have a more natural look in terms of gum sensation and taste buds that will make your food taste much better.

Now before we review the working of these dentures, let us also discuss what Horseshoe dentures precisely are. And how do they exactly fit into your mouth? Over time, the demand for horseshoe dentures has been increasingly high due to its stability and comfort factors. 

What are Horseshoe dentures?

Implant-Retained Dentures or Horseshoe Dentures are the dentures that clip onto your dental implants, rather than leaning onto your gums. These are securely clipped on your gums, enabling you to have stronger and steady teeth. However, you have to remove them while cleaning. Implant-retained dentures take a while to set, yet are the most affordable solution for your denture difficulties.

Horseshoe Dentures Paired with Dental Implants

Usually, Horseshoe dentures are of a horseshoe shape for it to appear less bulky. They rest on the gums in the upper as well as the lower denture. Additionally, setting the implant-retained dentures on the upper denture demands an added number of dental implants juxtaposed to the lower denture for proper support. All the dentures need an acrylic palette to snap on to the jaws, whereas implant-retained dentures use dental implants for preventing the denture from knocking out of place. The reason behind it is that the dental implants clip into the jawbone, which gives the dentures its stability.    

Moreover, due to its specific shape, it eradicates the need to have an acrylic palette capping the gums. The most significant advantage of this is having natural gums and its sensations without letting you be concerned about the artificial teeth. Besides the natural and steady look, another benefit that makes the horseshoe dentures stand out is that you can remove it for cleaning or while sleeping. 

These are extremely helpful in the process of teeth loss because as the jawbones get weaker, you begin losing your teeth, and the only alternative you are left with is wearing a denture. Dental implants not just make the dentures feel comfortable but also protect your jawbones from any further bone density loss. 

Concluding this, dental implants can make the procedure of horseshoe dentures comfortable and get rid of the difficulties that you encounter following teeth loss or with using other kinds of dentures.

Visit your dentist to get proper advice on dentures.

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